Hotblooded - Erin Nicholas This was my first read from this author, and it won't be my last. I saw the book promoted on another author's blog, and it looked interesting. I apparently have more of her on my Kindle (I can't be the only one where stuff gets lost on my Kindle!) so I'll have to read the other things I have. This was a fun story with great characters. I found myself getting frustrated that just little pieces of things were revealed here and there, lol. I was wondering why everyone hated Brooke? Why wasn't she more upset her husband had a lover? Why did Jack feel like he had to give her the money? But of course, peeling off each layer of the story was satisfying when it came.

I loved the chemistry between Brooke and Jack. Sometimes I wanted to smack Brooke for how much she cared what the town thought about her. I guess I can sort of understand it, but it seemed like she went overboard sometimes. Like the whole town revolved around her and what she might do. I'm sure that was probably ingrained in her by her father-in-law as well as the town gossips. Not to mention the fact that nobody would come to the clinic once Mike died. I was glad to see that change through the story, even if it was mostly because Jack was around. But Jack was good for Brooke, and not just because of their sexual chemistry. He could tell her things (like her seeming cold and unfeeling to the patients, or needing to make the clinic more welcoming) that would help her whether he was around or not.

I was very glad of the decision she made at the end -- really the decisions both of them made -- because I really enjoy an HEA, lol.

I'll definitely have to read more by this author.