A Little Wild - Kate St. James Very cute, sweet story. Tess tends to fall in love with every man she sleeps with, so her friend dares her to have sex with someone over the course of six weeks and not fall in love. Tess goes out on dates, but they're largely platonic because she knows how quickly she can fall, and she doesn't want to end up like her mom, doing everything possible to the detriment of her own life to save a potentially failing relationship. Tess also keeps things platonic because she's climbing the ladder in her firm, and she's extremely focused on that. Relationships could get in the way.

So for the dare, Tess picks a guy she thinks will be empty headed (aka "pretty"). She even tries to give Zach a fake phone number because she doesn't *really* want to go through with it, but her friend supplies him with the real one. For his part, Zach gives her a fake name because he's rich -- he's tired of women fawning over him for his money and not himself. The first time he calls her, they have phone sex while she's in the tub. Then, in an important meeting, Zach shows up and she's mortified because (a) she had phone sex with him, and (b) she never expected him to be Zach, the younger son of the man whose account on which she's been working so hard.

Once Tess accepts the mutual attraction, she tries SO HARD to keep it to just sex, but considering he's falling in love too, Zach makes it quite difficult. When he told her he wanted to make love to her, not have sex, I was a puddle. He was trying so hard to show her this relationship was so much deeper. Throw in a little bit of secrecy -- about relationships, life plans, fathers secretly gifting parts of businesses to sons who don't want it -- and you end up with a potential deal breaker. Ultimately an HEA and really sweet. Some smexy parts, too. Tess and Zach definitely had some major chemistry.

I also enjoyed the side story with Ethan and Chloe. I was glad Tess gave Ethan the tools to finally talk to Chloe. I still don't quite get why she wouldn't date guys in suits, but everyone has their quirks I suppose.