A Little Harmless Submission - Melissa Schroeder This was good. I started suspecting the villain near the beginning, but there were some twists at the end that I didn't expect. The theme of the man-who-will-never-settle-down is common in erotica, but it's always sweet to see them fall. Such was the case with Rome. I sort of question his Dom nature, though, because he let Maria speak to him in the club in a way that has not been presented for a sub before, at least in terms of how she talked to him. I guess she wasn't truly a sub, but she submitted to him, and considering he was this well-known Dom, you'd think that would mean they'd have to really play the part. But he was so tangled up inside about her, he seems to have lost all self-control. Maybe that was why she got away with so much.

But it was still a sweet story. I wonder, since Malachi Dupree was in this one, if the next story will be about him. Whoever it's about, I'll read it. This series is entertaining.