Power Struggle - Kelly Jamieson This was an interesting premise. In this one, Tori (37 and in a high-powered job) knows she's a submissive. She's had trouble in relationships previously and has accepted that she won't have an HEA at this point. Instead, she has a "play partner" at a local BDSM club who can give her what she needs physically. We begin the story with Tori having just sprained her ankle. The doctor who treats her at urgent care, Doogie Howser -- er, Dr. Fillmore -- is a 29-year-old cutie pie. Dev is immediately attracted to Tori, but she thinks she's too old for him. But she relents and she realizes he has dominant tendencies. Tendencies he has attempted to suppress for years, but Tori coaxes them out of him. So it's interesting that he has absolutely no knowledge of BDSM, has dominant tendencies, and a sub sort of brings out the tendencies. But unfortunately, things go awry.

I could appreciate how Dev felt, but my heart was breaking for them both when he walked away. It all worked out, so Tori did get her HEA, but it was touch and go for a while.

One thing that was a little distracting was Tori's work scenes. I don't think they were important to the story. They could have been removed (at least the part about the pregnant girl and she's not a slave driver, etc.) and the story still would have been complete.