To Do List (Bettencourt Brothers, #1) - Lauren Dane I enjoyed this story, I really did. It was insta-love, but then again, they'd known each other since they were kids. Belle has had a crush on Rafe since she was 15; he realized five years ago that she wasn't just his best friend's bossy younger sister anymore. She has a high-stress job, and has come home for the Christmas holiday, and that's when their feelings really take it up a notch.

One thing I didn't like about this story is that there didn't seem to be any strife. It was too perfect. Since they grew up together, his family loved her and vice versa. Her job was a source of strife, but it wasn't enough of a problem to cause any real problem in their relationship. Her dickhead of a boss could have made a relationship more difficult, but that didn't even happen. Even her anal retentiveness was a moot point because it's one of the things Rafe loved about Bella.

Another thing... it seemed to just end. And one reason it felt that way is because of Samhain's penchant for filling space with excerpts. So here I am, reading along at 80%, thinking there's plenty of story left (there has to be -- there hasn't been any strife), and then it just ends... at 82%. I realize this isn't the author's fault, but if the ending was more "natural" or "complete", maybe I wouldn't feel like it ended abruptly.

Still a cute story. I'm not sorry I read it.