Essence of Competition (Love & Rivalry, #1) - Sherri Desbois So I was intrigued by the premise of this book when I heard about it several months ago. Total strangers participating in a menage? OK. And in a strange way, it worked. I loved how Zandros and Marco competed against each other for Symone's attention, and I also loved that they sort of "went with the flow" when given an opportunity to share her. It wasn't a choreographed thing like many menage books are, where the men have known each other for eons and possibly shared a woman before. They were all complete strangers to one another. I also liked that it's not like they immediately hopped into bed. Not that there wasn't that attraction, but Symone was trying to figure out which one she wanted to pursue and just couldn't make a choice.

Marco's teasing of Zandros cracked me up, but I felt like it was just a tease since they never made it that far. Since this is book 1, I'm wondering if maybe we'll see Zandros loosen up a bit in the next one? One other thing that I didn't like was that it seemed like there was a lot of fade-to-black. They'd have sex, then wake up the next morning and one of them might flashback briefly to what else happened the night before. Dammit, I want details!! :-)

There were editing issues in this one. Just pointing it out in case that's a peeve of someone's. They didn't completely drag me from the story, but there were enough of them to warrant mention, in my opinion.