Back to Life - Emma Hillman Well it started out with high hopes. We start the story the morning after Sara had drunken (and awesome) sex with her former brother-in-law (husband died over a year ago). She's conflicted that they did this, but when Jared shows up the next morning pretending nothing happened, she'll have none of that. She wants it again. Sober this time. And Jared is happy, though reticent, to oblige.

So that's the good part. I got a little bit -- a lot -- tired of the focus on her weight. The comments from people that she was too good for him. His OWN belief that she married the "good" brother. Bravo to him for going for it even though he didn't think he deserved her, but it got a bit repetitive. There was just so much that felt "left out". Maybe if the story was longer, the characters could have been better developed. They just fell a little flat for me.