Glutton for Pleasure - Alisha Rai Ah, to be cherished like this. Devi was one lucky girl to have caught the eye of not only Jace but his brother Marcus as well. And Jace sure does know how to treat a lady. Marcus has some rough edges, and I was so glad that Devi saw through the roughness and was able to break through his armor every once in a while. But how awful for Jace and Marcus to have experienced what they went through!! My heart broke for them when I learned what made them how they are. I knew something bad happened, but I didn't know it would go that direction. This was quite sexy, and it sort of started right off the bat. Good for Devi for jumping at the opportunity -- I'd have killed my sister, lol. I'm glad Jace sort of insisted on more than one night. I loved how he'd slip in extra words that just subtly changed what was agreed to. And I loved how they all stood up to her sisters. One thing that seemed sort of odd, like it could have been left out of the story, was Leena's relationship with Rahul. Unless maybe that'll be in a future book? And Rana seemed to need some help as well. I'd definitely read another one from this author, though.