Sodom and Detroit (Virtual Seduction, #1) - Ann Mayburn This was a nice, medium-length smexy story. I wouldn't mind a vacation like that... virtual reality sex resort. I understand why Angel/Rafe had to lie to Maeve, and I understand why she was so pissed off about it, but I wonder what might have happened if he'd just been honest with her. If he went to her hometown, tracked her down, made her have dinner with him (and Luke) -- he *can* be quite persuasive! Granted, it might not have been such an interesting story, but the lies wouldn't be between them, right? The fantasies were kinda hot... interesting that the people involved that she didn't know found her in real life and continued their play. Well I suppose it was just the harem girl and then Luke. Sexy bunch they all were! Story ended on an HEA, so never fear, Angel figures out how to get her to forgive them. Cute story.