SoloPlay - Miranda Baker Where can I get a gig like that? Sign me up!! First, the idea of discovering what's truly pleasurable with someone who helps you without judgment (in this case, a woman) sounds like a great idea. Then, becoming a sex toy evaluator and getting PAID to try out toys! And then, when the hot owner of the company approaches you about trying out toys for couples (he doesn't think he'll be the partner), you coerce him into taking you to dinner, and get a few big, fat orgasms out of it... what's not to love? Of course we, the reader, know where it's headed because he was described as the kind of guy who didn't want a relationship. That's a blazing declaration that he's gonna fall hard, lol!

I wanted to smack Mark every time he mentioned business, because it would be just at the time Alisa was feeling it was more than just business and it would push her mind right back into that "work" category. And I wanted to smack Alisa AND Mark for not just saying how they feel! I know it can be scary, and I guess each of them had their reasons for not divulging that important bit of info (each thought the other was using them for similar but different reasons), but when he left after the last toy was evaluated, I felt so bad for Alisa. And then Mark when he made his frankly inappropriate offer, lol.

I'm glad it all worked out in the end, and this was definitely a sizzling story, whether solo, with the girl, or with the guy... very hot. Makes me want to go read #1! :-)