One Wicked Night - Kelly Jamieson Thank goodness it wasn't just one night. :-) M/M/F with some angst. OK quite a bit of angst. One of the guys is the younger brother of the girl's best friend. He never felt like he was good enough or that he could do anything right, so he never defended himself when he was accused of something at 17 and kicked out of the house. Ten years later, said best friend is getting married and brother hasn't been home in ten years, so she's sort of guilted him into being there. Girl is the "good girl" who is tired of being good, and she decides to take an opportunity to have a threesome. And then she realizes the guys are sort of together, and she encourages it -- she wants to watch -- which totally blows the guys away. More angsty stuff happens, and it ends up in an HEA (permanent menage), but I thought it was really well done. I think Kelly Jamieson does character development pretty well. Some pretty steamy sex scenes as well.

I loved Tyler, and my heart broke for him time after time. Well, at first, I thought he was an ass for how he treated Kaelin and how he treated Nick. But I came to realize it was sort of a defense mechanism: if you're an asshole, you'll get what you deserve, which is nothing and nobody. That's all he ever expected because that's all he ever got when he was younger.

I felt bad also for Margot, Tyler and Avery's mom. She didn't have a shitty life, but she did what she thought she was supposed to. In the process, she lost her son for ten years and she sort of lost herself, too. I was glad to see her taking some control back by the end of the story.