Surrender to Me - Shayla Black This is my first Shayla Black book, read for a group read. I enjoyed the overall story. I'm still trying to decide if this is harder BDSM than I've read in the past, but maybe that's just because Hunter's overbearance made it feel so much heavier. But in honesty it really wasn't. There was the withholding orgasm aspect, little bit of spanking, nipple clamps, but that's about it. Maybe it was just Hunter's insistence at total submission that made it feel so heavy. And he did insist. Some people thought Kata was weak or annoying, but honestly I got where she was coming from. She'd never been exposed to a "healthy" Dom/sub relationship, and all she saw was her step-father's mental abuse and mistakenly thought that's what her mom lived. So I get why she was reticent. The ending seemed a bit rushed, but I was pleased with it. Not sure I get the whole "I love you" within a couple of days, but hey... I guess they had extremely strong feelings. Hunter was definitely a yummy alpha though. I'll likely look for more Shayla Black, maybe go back to the first few of this series. There wasn't as much sex as I expected, but that's OK. The story was interesting.