Archangel's Kiss  - Nalini Singh I'll be happy when Elena can protect herself. I'm not saying she's a weakling, but if even her bodyguards can't defend against the archangels, why should she even have bodyguards? I mean seriously... every time someone was assigned to watch her, they'd get "delayed" or otherwise engaged (usually in a bloody way), and she'd be left to fend for herself with the super-powered archangel du jour. And dang... all of them want to kill her! Well the women do anyway, either because of jealousy or because killing her will destroy Raphael. I love how much Raphael loves Elena.

I figured out what Lijuan's ultimate gift would be before it was revealed. I was very proud of Elena for how she reacted to it. It could have been something to bring Elena to her knees, but she proved her grit.

Looking forward to the next one!