The Hand He Dealt - Tanith Davenport So this was totally different than I was expecting. Based on the blurb, I thought it was going to be much more explicit than it actually was. Or maybe I'm becoming desensitized, lol, because there was f/f and f/f/m and m/m as well as the "regular" m/f. Oh and there were toys. :-) But something about how it was done was almost fade-to-black. There were some parts that were explicit, but really, it was almost like it was the first instance for each grouping was described, and then you were just told they were going to do it again.

But what I found so interesting is that, while I thought it would be more explicit, I honestly didn't mind because I was so wrapped up in the story. And it was such an interesting story. At some point, I sort of guessed at the direction it was going to go, but how it happened wasn't rushed or unnatural. Feelings grew (or faded) slowly. Relationships were interrupted or created in such a natural way, given the circumstances. I think Astra was incredibly "forgiving", but given the circumstances, I could understand both her and Harry's actions.

Now I say I thought it would be more explicit, but like I said, there were some scenes that were described in detail, and some where I felt the urgency of the feelings of the people involved, so the author did a good job with the scenes that were explicit. And the author did a good job of turning around my initial distaste for one character, turning him into such a sweet, vulnerable, lovable character.

Now a couple of things seemed sort of "unfinished". The whole bike accident thing... is it realistic that just by walking out the side door of a building, someone could hit her that hard with a bike? And the biker just didn't stop? It made it sound much more sneaky or sinister, like it was planned (maybe by Ally?), but nothing really came of that. And the House Mother knocking on Astra's door? Where was the House Mother when Sasha's other neighbor was complaining Sasha and Ash were too loud earlier in the story? Or the times when Harry stayed over? The house meeting notification seemed ominous because of its timing, but nothing else was mentioned about it.

But overall, I really enjoyed the story. Not what I expected, but very enjoyable.