Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh I got this from Audible from their $5 sale. I know a lot of people like Nalini Singh, and now I know why. I wasn't sure really what to expect. Like I said, I got it on sale and knew people liked Nalini Singh, lol. But it was really good! What an interesting world with archangels making vampires and all of them living out in the open. And angels not being the benevolent beings we normally think them to be. It almost seems sad that archangels live for so long that nothing really seems to matter to them anymore. How interesting that a Guild Hunter could catch one's interest so quickly. I liked that Elena was a strong person. Sure, she needed Raphael's help occasionally, but while he could squash her like a bug, she'd talk back to him because she knew he needed her at least right then. He might kill her later, but she wasn't going to sacrifice what guided her at his direction. She stood her ground, and he ultimately respected her for it. And I liked how Elena eventually humanized Raphael a little bit. I didn't see that twist at the end coming, though I suppose if I'd looked at the subsequent book covers, I might have known. A great start to a series. I can't wait to see where it goes. (I need another series like I need a hole in the head, lol.)

Initially, I didn't like the narrator, but she grew on me. I'm moving on to #2 now.