Melt With You (Fated, #4) - Karen  Erickson This was a short story, and being short, it fell victim to what often happens in short stories -- there's not enough character definition for me to really care too much. Wes is a paramedic and he used to be a player but hasn't been for over a year. He's now looking for someone permanent and fate gives him Lanie. Lanie is a labor & delivery nurse who helps him out when the woman in Wes's ambulance is giving birth IN the ambulance and Wes has no idea what to do. (Is that even realistic? Shouldn't paramedics have a clue about that?) Anyway, sparks fly until Lanie learns from another nurse that Wes is a player. (Apparently the hospital staff didn't get the memo that Wes wasn't a dog anymore.) Weeks later, she runs into him in a bar and she decides she doesn't care if he's a dog, she's horny and he's cute. So she approaches him, they go home, and they have sex. Nothing kinky, nothing explicit even, but it's good for them and they become an item. It ends on an HEA in the epilogue, which is sweet, but as another reviewer said, this is one of those quickie stories you can read when you're waiting for someone or something. It won't stick with me, but I didn't dislike it.