The Company of Fools - Annemarie Hartnett I'm a little torn about this one. I felt like Kate took everything Mike said in the totally wrong way. Well, after she made her proposition to him and they'd had their fun. That proposition sure was ballsy, lol. But their first fight, second fight... I completely blame that on Kate even though ultimately Mike apologized. Mike may have been a man whore, but maybe he'd just been waiting for Kate to give him a shot? She didn't have to throw that in his face after he made it clear she meant more to him. I honestly think he had a point about her education during that first confrontation. And the second time he was just looking out for her. She chose not to believe the time frame. So my issues with the story were mainly with Kate. At the same time, it was a good story, and I enjoyed it. My heart was breaking for them near the end, so I'm glad it ended up with an HEA. I believe this was my first story by Ms. Hartnett, and I'll definitely read more.