Imprinted - Darcy Sweet Oh... My.... this was so freaking hot. I think this might be a contender against the venerable [b:Babysitting the Baumgartners|5982210|Babysitting the Baumgartners (Baumgartners, #1)|Selena Kitt||6155617] in terms of the level of smut and hotness. Wow. Just wow. In BTB, you have the husband and wife initiating a young woman into the joys of sex. With them. In this one, you have the wife of the husband setting up scenarios for her husband to get it on with the 20-year-old lawn boy. She somehow knows her husband wants it, and once she realizes Jacob is game, it's on!

Going into this, based on the blurb, I thought this would be more m/f or m/f/m. Maybe a little bit of touching/exploration between the men, but more focused on the woman. That's kind of how I like my menage... girl is the center of attention. I was surprised -- and pleasantly surprised which shocked me -- that there was a whole lot of man lovin' going on. And it was freaking hot! Mrs D had such a way of dirty talk and so did Mr. D. Jacob sort of went along for the ride, but he had his own dominating fun with Mary-Jane along the way.

This was one of those non-stop fuck-fests sandwiched between a bit of necessary story information, but it was done really well. You continue reading because you want to know where it's going. And it's hot. There were real feelings involved: longing, satisfaction, excitement, gentle affection, hard-driving need, uncertainty. You had a great insight into how Jacob felt about everything that was happening.

I want to point out, in case I'm gushing too much, that I really don't read much where it's just the m/m interacting for the most part. Maybe what I read is "average" in that scheme, but it really did it for me.

Freaking hot. The end.