Emma's Education - Abby Blake This was a hot little number. It has many similar elements to Nobody's Angel (injured armed forces guy saves sub from idiot Dom who becomes a stalker) but was different enough to still be enjoyable even though I JUST read Nobody's Angel. This one had an Navy Seal home on medical leave. He's bored so he's decided to visit his favorite BDSM haunt, and notices a sub not being treated well. He and the Dungeon Monitor on duty confront her Dom and kick him out. And then show the sub what should really happen in a D/s relationship.

I'm not sure how they got her to agree to half the stuff they did in such a short amount of time, lol. Thankfully they gave her some skimpy clothing while they gave her a tour of the facility. Since her ex (who she apparently didn't know very well, but was willing to let collar her) took off with her purse with her house keys, all three of them just spent the night at the club. Awww. And then the barbeque the next day at Vipers? Naked, really?

Aside from all that, it was damn hot. Getting Logan's heart invested was a tough mission, but Jace and Emma sure worked him hard on that. The insta-love was a little hard to believe, but the relationship between the three was really kind of sweet. And damn hot. Did I say that yet? Damn hot.