Trial by Fire - Jo Davis Now I know what all the buzz was about. I've heard for a while that this series was really good, and it took a group read for me to finally try it. I won't say this was perfect... more a 4.5 than a 5, but a good 4.5, so I rounded up. :-)

I really liked that both Kat and Howard seemed like real people. They weren't perfect, physically or mentally. Well, Howard sounded perfect physically, lol! But I liked also that Howard decided he didn't like being a male slut and backed off the ladies for a while before meeting Kat. I liked that Kat wasn't stupid, and she didn't shy away from asking the tough questions, even if she thought it would make Howard uncomfortable. And while they had this instant attraction for each other, I liked how their relationship progressed... and stalled... and then picked back up again. I absolutely loved how Kat confronted the Howie/Janine thing.

I had an inkling about the bad guy for a while and about why he was focused on Howard. I felt horrible for Howard that something he had absolutely no control over was coming back to haunt him, especially since he'd dedicated his life to saving people.

Ultimately it was a great story. Good premise, great characters, good suspense, good sex. I enjoyed it and will have to continue with the series.