Nobody's Angel (Rescue Me #2, BDSM Erotic Romance) - Kallypso Masters I really enjoyed this story from beginning to end. It seems like BDSM would definitely be a way for an abusive person to "hide" their nature... almost like the pain portion gives someone permission to go too far. That's what happened with Angelina and Allen. Allen was a total dickwad (to borrow Adam's term for him), and took advantage of Angelina's trust. Angelina had been reading BDSM romance novels and thought she might like to try it. Allen completely obliterated her trust in what he did, but Marc arrived just in time to mitigate the damage. And he did it in such a non-intrusive way that she wasn't even sure if he was real. Neither could forget about the other, though. And neither thought they'd see the other again (plus Angelina though he was a dream lover), but fate intervened when he and his friend Luke rescued someone in her town and had to stay for the resulting media events. He and Luke are both smitten with her, and the fact that Sir Asshole (as Marc liked to refer to Allen) was in the same bar gave them an excuse to stay near her. Marc thinks Angelina deserves someone like Luke, so he keeps trying to push them together. While they have some touching interactions (with some touching involved, lol), it's clear to the reader who should be together. But they both resist it -- Marc much harder than Angelina. Sir Asshole, living up to his namesake, gives them all an excuse to spend more time together, and stuff happens. Good stuff. Scary stuff. Scary in terms of Sir Asshole as well as scary in terms of how they feel about each other.

I liked how Marc showed Angelina that she could be submissive but not give up her individuality. And that it didn't have to be painful. I also liked that she eventually realized that she had some control over the scenes, and realized pain mixed with pleasure could be a heady feeling. I liked how she fought her own body's reaction to the pain -- it seemed a reasonable mental fight considering Allen had called her a pain slut.

I also liked how strong Angelina was, both in spirit as well as physical strength. While she probably did need some help avoiding Allen, she proved she was able to take care of herself when it counted. I can see why she wouldn't tell her brothers about the kink club, but the second incident, she shouldn't have kept hidden.

Anyhoo... can't wait for the next one. Not sure if it'll be Adam or Damian, but I'm sure it'll be good! And I want to find out what's up with Luke and Cassie... why Cassie is so skittish, and how Luke will bring her around.