Male Order - Lillian  Grant This was a really cute story. Lots of humor, good chemistry between the two main characters, silly premise. :-) I was sad for Meg with how little she thought of herself. Based on her own self description and self-deprecation, I can see why she didn't think Sam would be interested. And if Sam had just stopped teasing her, he might have been able to come out and tell her how hot he was for her. But hey, it set up a pretty wild night (or few) for the two of them. She cracked me up how she kept running from him. This was one of those where you wished they'd just talk honestly with each other. Sam wanted more from Meg but didn't tell her, probably because she wouldn't have believed him. Meg didn't want to just be Sam's fuck buddy but figured that's all she'd ever get of him. The sex (while it was still explicit) was pretty steamy, but it tapered off about 2/3 of the way through. We were told they were still having mind-blowing sex, but just didn't get the details anymore. But then the Male Order portion of the story picked up more. I still don't get why Meg kept going along with Laura's steamrolling about the business. I also can't believe Aunt Maud was their first client! She was a hoot! The one thing that got old for me in this were the constant "stallion" references to Sam's manhood. At the same time, at times it provided some of the humor.