The Escort - Maryn Sinclair This was a very interesting premise: Colonel wounded in Iraq lost his sight, but he's a hottie. He needs to visit the two guys he saved in Iraq while losing his sight, and so he needs someone to help him. He's used to hiring escorts to serve his sexual needs, but for this trip, he needs something more than just sex. Annie has become an escort (the no sex variety) because she needs money to pay off hospital bills from her daughter being sick. When she shows up for the trip, she says in no uncertain terms that there will be no sex. Yeah, that didn't last too long. Did I mention Daniel is hot? And apparently there is chemistry galore between them, and Annie finds herself fighting the attraction. Ultimately, she caves. But beyond fulfilling sexual needs, she also has the ability to adapt to the situations thrown at her in terms of the two young service men he's trying to save. And a lot really does get thrown at her. Before Daniel even knows he's slept with her (the first time he was drunk, doh!), he's already in awe of how capable and strong she is.

So anyway, beyond the burgeoning love between Annie and Daniel, there are lots of things thrown in the way that they either have to work through together or on their own. It was nice to see Annie open up and start to trust a man again (she'd been beaten and humiliated by her alcoholic ex-husband), and it was also nice to see Daniel find love for the first time (he'd been married, but was never in love). Nice HEA, not only for Annie and Daniel, but also a surprise pairing for her mom! That was kind of cute as well.