Go Deep - Juniper Bell This was less "fun" than the last one, but it was still very good and very hot. In this one, we have Beth, whose sexuality has been pushed inside her for years because of her mother. At the time of the story, her mother has passed away, but Beth can still hear her mother chastising her for the fleeting fantasies she conjures in her head. She married a gorgeous man, Gavin, who has dominant tendencies, but he's always been afraid of what she would do if he unleashed his dominance on her, so he's always kept himself in check. But they're coming to a breaking point, because they both want more, but neither knows how to approach it. Enter an erotic photo depicting a bondage scene with two men and a woman, and her imagination runs wild. Good thing they were going to Wild, Alaska to enjoy Wild Nights. Well, Gavin knows about Wild Nights, but Beth knows nothing. Gavin has plans for Beth... he wants her to let loose, to let him know how she's feeling. And it gives her enough confidence to try to set up the scene from the photo.

I felt so bad for Beth, how she'd been repressed all of her life. I felt bad for Gavin as well, because he loved Beth so much, and wanted so much for her to truly enjoy their marriage. Wild Nights was a good experience for them because it brought them closer than they had been. So this one was more intense than the last one, but it was really good and very sexy.

I'll be interested to see when Eagle gets hooked, because he doth protest too much about wanting to be free. :-)