Wicked Game - Mercy Celeste OK I really, really enjoyed this story. I loved the adversarial nature of Cass and Jaime's relationship. He was used to people caving because he's a gorgeous professional football player, but not Cass. He dishes it out and she shovels it right back to him. I loved their fights! Or "foreplay" as one of the mom's said, lol. I liked that Cass didn't want anything to do with his money besides what he contracted to pay for her job. She didn't want the designer clothes, she chose a wagon style car (granted, it was a Mercedes). She even talked about getting her own place at some point. And I loved seeing them both start bending a little bit in the relationship -- realizing that their preconceived notions (which really seemed kind of like protection from the other) might not be as solid as they once believed. But it was an all around great story. You know they're going to fall into bed at some point, but the way it happened -- slowly, and with resistance, lol -- seemed so natural for their relationship. I loved how just hearing what Cass would do for Jaime made him horny. And I loved how it ended. How romantic! Must be nice to have all that money at your disposal, lol! I'll definitely look for more from this author.