Paying her Debt - Emma Shortt This was an interesting, if a bit predictable, story. I really liked that Andy was so motivated to pay off all of her debts and that she could see how much other people would be affected if she didn't. Granted, they weren't technically her debts, or they shouldn't have been, but she felt the responsibility to pay them off. When Alex decided to find her after firing her, I thought he was a bit high-handed with most of his actions. I'm surprised Andy didn't spit in his face when he asked her to be his mistress. The way he presented it, it was almost like she'd be his whore for a while and she'd end up taken care of. I guess it's a good thing she wanted him, too. In all, it was almost like an erotic Cinderella story, but it was sweet, nonetheless.

I will point out that there were several copy editing issues, mainly wrong word usage. The the story was good enough to overcome them.