One Reckless Summer - Toni Blake This was mentioned by a friend a while back, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't expect it to be so steamy! But it was a great story. I loved that Jenny didn't really believe any of what had been said about Mick. I loved that she could make her own decisions about what was right and wrong for her, even though technically she was breaking the law by not telling her Chief of Police father. I thought Jenny was so empathetic to the strange situation. And I loved that the chemistry that had never been and could never have been explored when they were younger was undeniable when they were older. I loved that Mick showed Jenny it wasn't her -- her ex was just a jerk. I also liked that Mick could make "good Jenny" go away, and likewise, Jenny could make "bad Mick" not exist. Technically "bad Mick" didn't exist, but he'd been taught from a very young age that he was nothing. Oh, I wanted to kill Jenny's dad, though! All in all a great story.