Faceoff - Kelly Jamieson This was a sweet friends to lovers story. Kyla was the only girl within the two families that grew up together. Kyla was always trying to be one of the boys but could never quite keep up. In their teen years, Kyla made a play for Tag, but Tag held her off. So now, the families are getting back together for a rare reunion of sorts, and Kyla and Tag can't ignore their chemistry. They decide to do no-strings sex. Neither of them wants a relationship. We all know what that means in these stories, lol. Anyhoo... Tag had a decently kinky streak. Good thing Kyla already trusted him! I thought it was so funny that everyone knew what was happening between them while they were trying so hard to act normal. Even Tag's MOM asked Kyla where it was going! AWKWARD! Anyway, a cute story overall. Pretty steamy sex between Kyla and Tag.