Right Where I Need To Be - Wendi Zwaduk Lots of people have really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the general story -- what's not to like about a hot movie star falling for a non-Hollywood type? What I did have a problem with, however, was how often "love" was thrown about. From the very beginning, Logan had a reaction to Cass. Within pages, he's saying he's in love with her and going to follow her, commitments (that his manager sets up) be damned. And then he gets there and starts to woo her, and says he's absolutely in love with her. Then he's wondering if he's in love with her. Then he's thinking that oh, yeah, he's 100% in love with her. But is he really in love with her? Oh... there it is again... he's questioning it and then confident he's in love with her. Plus, he'd be all super sweet, then turn around and say something so completely oafish, it's a wonder he got near Cass at all when his foot was constantly inserted firmly in his mouth. Lastly, the "suspense" was just OK. I didn't really get why her ex was so intent on having her when he was such an ass to her, but I suppose that could happen. He seemed slightly on the insane side by the end. And his sister? WTF was up with her? Total freak. Has she never heard the word "no" before? Cuz she heard it a LOT, but she couldn't seem to realize it was directed at her. Anyhoo... I have the second one so I'll read it. I hope the same things that bugged me about this one don't bug me about the next one.