Tracker's Sin - Sarah McCarty Awww Tracker. First, I was so glad they found Ari. And I was glad that Tracker was going to let Ari believe what was told to her by Vincente and Josefina, who were caring for her and the baby. It was a much kinder lie than what had been her reality. I felt so bad for Ari and her circumstances, and yet I was happy for Tracker that Ari was so drawn to him. She was so damaged, and she couldn't remember why, but she felt safe and protected with Tracker. Once she remembered what happened, I felt so bad for Desi. I can only imagine how Ari must have felt, thinking Desi was just off somewhere being pampered, not even searching for Ari. I'm sure it killed Tracker to "trap" Ari into talking with Desi, but I was glad it got them to understand each other. And in doing that, Tracker thought he was voluntarily relinquishing any claim he had on Ari, that there would be no need for him anymore. Thankfully Ari didn't get that memo. It breaks my heart when I hear these big, strong men who went through hell as youngsters think that they don't deserve or they'll never have happiness. They may be tough guys, but their hearts are made of gold.

So now that one "bad guy" is out of the way (we think) and Shadow is in custody, I definitely look forward to the next one. Time for Shadow to find his little piece of heaven.