Mistress's Master (Men in Blue,# 3) - Jayne Rylon Lots of great suspense in this one. And lots of sex in this one, lol. I loved that Lily gave herself to Jeremy, but he knew she needed to still be mistress to her subjects and he let her. I also liked that, while she was with multiple (and I mean MULTIPLE) men while she was on the drug, it was Jeremy giving her what she needed, Jeremy directing who could alleviate her "pain", and she did everything while watching Jeremy. And Jeremy was awed by her strength as well as her submission.

Another reviewer mentioned the TSTL stuff, and I have to agree with that to an extent. There were so many times Lily did things to put herself in harm's way. That's not to say she couldn't handle the consequences, but there were a couple of times I'm thinking, "What? Oh no she didn't just do that." At the same time, I try to remember what her life was like. How everyone in her life used her or attempted to use her to some extent, so it was really miraculous that she could trust Jeremy even a little bit, much less to the ultimate extreme to which she went.

One thing I didn't get. On the one hand, this is contemporary romance, but I started to wonder if it wasn't also fantasy. I mean Lily had this "stable" of subs with which to play. She moved them all to Morsellis. Did none of these people have a job? Home? Family? How could they sit around all day and just be disciplined and get off? Or did I misunderstand something? That part I just didn't get, lol.

So with how this one ended, and the fact that Matt, Clint, and Jambi didn't actually get together, I'm wondering if there will be another in the series. Most of the loose ends were tied up, so I'm not sure.