Hooked (Studs in Spurs #4) - Cat Johnson Awww... I think I love Luke. I liked that he was a little bit older and that the maturity gave him some perspective on his life and what he wanted. I was so sad for him when his father died. And while I understood on the one hand why he didn't call Annie, I wanted to smack him for it. Lilly should have ended up in muck somewhere, and maybe Chelsea, too. Then again, maybe Joe (the network guy who hired Chelsea) should have gotten some kind of karmic payback. I loved how the other guys were playing matchmaker. Mustang sure can be silly! Cute continuation of the bull rider stories. Makes me want to visit a rodeo next time one comes to town! Or go to Oklahoma. No, really, honey... I have relatives there... no, you don't need to go with me, I'll be fine! Tee hee!