Bucked - Cat Johnson I knew Mustang would fall hard and fast! And I loved how he was "disciplined" by the Mistress. But really? A guy will agree to doing a porno without even knowing anything about the plot up front? The whole modeling thing made me think of a thread in a group here with cowboy pics. Did they all just walk in trying to get a couple of bucks while they were laid out from an injury? Hmm.... makes me wonder, lol. Anyhoo... I thought the prologue introducing Sage and Mustang's young, innocent relationship was great information for when he saw her again. Just like Mustang, I found it interesting how much he could remember about her from eight years earlier, when he couldn't remember much about the last woman he'd been with, much less the color of her eyes. I also loved how natural Mustang was in front of the camera as a commentator.

So on to Ride... let's see who we can get hitched (or just head-over-heels) this time. :-)