Sam's Creed - Sarah McCarty I listened to this, and this one had a male narrator. I wasn't sure how that was going to work -- I really liked the narrator for Caine's Reckoning -- but ultimately it wasn't very distracting. He did a deep Sam voice really well. His Bella voice was lacking, lol, but it's gotta be hard for a guy with a voice that deep to do a female voice convincingly, lol. Overall, it was a nice listen.

I didn't like this one as much as I enjoyed Caine's Reckoning, but I really liked Sam. I liked how he tried to be strong and resist Bella. I liked how he "handled" her. I kind of liked how Bella was stronger than most anyone gave her credit for, but she just had this damsel-in-distress and uppity vibe that got on my nerves. Everytime we turned around, someone's attacking Sam just so they can get at her. I also liked how Bella saw how much Sam cared for things, like his horse, Kel, her. I still don't like that he basically had to give up his home because of Bella's inheritance. What's with all these "fine" women being the targets of nefarious people after their money?