UnRidden - Cat Johnson This was a fun first-in-series book. Slade was an odd character. He and Mustang were used to just banging chicks and running away, but something about Jenna called to Slade. And he had no idea how to handle it. It's a good thing Mustang was there to keep prodding Slade in the right direction. But I can't believe Slade didn't call Jenna after Tulsa!! He's lucky she'd even talk to him or Mustang after that. Chase also helped quite a bit in this one, although I don't think he did it on purpose. First, his flirtation with Jenna sort of pushed Slade's intentions to the forefront. Then Chase tells Jenna that Mustang and Slade don't have cell phones. I think he's going to be a sweet one. And I think it's going to be great to see Mustang fall because you KNOW he's gonna fall hard. He may like sex with many different women, but he also has a heart of gold that will be great for some special woman someday.

I look forward to reading the next one!