Training Amy (BDSM Erotica) - Anne O'Connell This one was pretty good, but not really good. I can't say what would have made it really good.

I thought it was kinda helpful/coincidental that both Brad and Kali recognize that Amy is retreating and recommend the pain as a way to bring her out of it. Not that she hadn't already experienced the pain... this freak-out was brought on by an admittedly stressful situation. What would have happened if they weren't there?

The second freak-out session that led to the menage, I didn't get it. I mean there had been no discussion about menage, and all of a sudden after she comes out of her freak-out, she's asking for them both at the same time... and she hadn't really given an outward indication she was interested in Brad, too.

I'm glad they found each other... they seemed well matched, and Eric really seemed to care for Amy. He doesn't push her into his lifestyle... it's always a choice. I'm not sure they could have had a relationship that didn't include his lifestyle, but then I think Eric had already picked up on enough about Amy to know she might be interested.

Ultimately, it was more a HFN... there was maybe an implicit commitment to each other, but we still weren't really sure if it was going anywhere long-term by the end.