Caine's Reckoning - Sarah McCarty What a great story. A great narrator as well. Desi was such a strong character. She was brought up to live a pampered life and marry well, but life threw her family for a loop and she was lowered to such a terrible state. It's amazing she still had so much fight left in her when Caine and the others found them. How fortunate that it was Caine and his men who found her! Every time Caine calmed Desi as though she was a skittish horse or he defended her against those nasty women or the town, my heart melted a little bit for him. Caine was such a good guy. I can't even imagine the horror that was Desi's life, so I understand her inability to trust anyone. I was so happy when she finally broke through and trusted Caine. I was also happy that she was so inventive in every bad situation she ended up in. And I was happy that she realized Caine wanted her for the long haul -- he wouldn't bore of her -- and he realized she believed her place was with him, and she wouldn't be leaving him for the easier life he felt she should be living. I can't wait to continue the series. I hope they find Desi's twin in one piece, both physically and mentally. That letter at the end was heartbreaking!