Rock & Roll Fantasy - Isabelle Drake This was a short story about a girl who takes the wrong ferry, but ends up meeting a couple of her teenage crushes who are also international rock stars. She doesn't immediately recognize them, but somehow ends up screwing one of them on the ferry. The guys take her via their yacht to where she should have ended up, and she ends up with both of them on the way over. And then she just leaves them.

WTF? I guess I just figured there was some kind of "real" spark with Ram, since she didn't recognize him, but was still interested enough to screw him. And then fine, I guess she's attracted to Ian, too, and obviously Ram doesn't have a problem sharing... I dunno. I guess maybe it was a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to do them both? I guess she didn't go into it wanting a relationship, but couldn't there have been SOMETHING about keeping in touch? They just drop her off and wave! I guess I wanted her to appear to continue the relationship with at least one of them, not just them sail off into the sunset without her.

I guess I'm just not used to stories without an HEA or HFN. Then again, maybe this was a HFN... she seemed fine at the end.