The Young and the Topless (Bad Daughters, #2) - Erica Sloane I tried to ignore the fact that Neil was married. Only problem with that is that I think part of why he was so freaking horny is because he was cheating on his wife. And Ashleigh/Tiffany was so much younger than his wife. And hell, she'd obviously let him do things his wife probably wouldn't. He sure got lucky with her. And I mean lucky in the euphemistic sense as well as lucky she was interested. I was wondering all along if she really knew who he was.

The parts about his daughter could probably have been taken out entirely, but they provided a nice, sexy intermission to the Neil/Ashleigh story. Funny how the daughter spoke with such disdain about Ashleigh's vocation, but had no qualms whatsoever with being with two people at once, gender doesn't matter. I'm not saying either is wrong, but neither would be met with much approval if it were published in the newspaper. It almost felt like I was reading about a young Doc & Mrs. B from Selena Kitt's Baumgartners with Emily and Mark, lol!

I admit feeling bad for Neil's wife, though, since she was in the dark about her husband's activities. Maybe what would be cool (retribution?) is if we have another story where while she was away at the twins' birthday, she got down and dirty herself? Hmmm.... :-)