Uncle Ed's Lap - Parker Ford This was slightly taboo, but maybe there's an ick factor for some people. There was no blood relation here, not even step, but the man did watch the little girl grow up. He even admitted she'd put a spell on him many years prior. I doubt if his wife hadn't died that he'd have even entertained what ultimately happened. I have to give Ed credit... he did try to resist the attraction. Even Fiona resisted the attraction. But once the move was made, it was on. Quite a few times. I think Fiona had some maturing still to do -- evidenced by her behavior with the flirty lawyer Ruth. Then again, that set up a nice spanking scene. :-) In all, the sex between them was very hot, partially because of the slightly taboo nature of it. And there was a LOT of sex.

This ended on a happy-for-now. I'd be very interested to read a sequel if one were to be written. I'd like to read about how they handle things in the future.