More than Meets the Ink - Elle Aycart I really enjoyed this. I love a story where one or both of the characters are totally not looking for a relationship, and BAM -- love hits them where it hurts. I can't believe James was even interested after Tate's admission of her belief about all tattooed men. Granted, she had lots of empirical evidence to rely on from her sister's non-relationships, but sheesh... stereotype much? And it's not like she even buffered her opinions... just laid them out, warts and all. And there were a lot of warts. Surprising then that James was still interested, but boy howdy, he was. Their near misses at the senior complex were almost comical. Poor man had blue balls for DAYS! And then their last night in Florida was explosive, and then she became a bitch again.

Head home to Boston (separately, despite James's suggestion they travel together)... James isn't ready to give her up, so he tracks her down. She's uncertain about how to feel when she sees him, but ultimately lust wins over. And over. And over. :-) Soon, he's all but moved in with her and helping her with her business where he can. He's not overbearing about it, but Tate resists because she doesn't want to rely on him always being there. She's convinced he'll get his fill and leave her behind.

Things get dodgy when James finds out about her stalker. Things happen. Hearts break. People almost lose lives. But finally -- FINALLY -- she realizes what she has and that she can't live without it. HEAs all around.

I would love if this author continued the series either with one of James's brothers or with one of his business partners. Lots of great stories could come out of that.