Private Games - Tawny Taylor So this was fun, but not deep. Insta-love for some reason just turns me off. Unless it's paranormal and then there are magical forces at work that nobody can explain, so it's all good. All three stories were insta-love.

In the first one, the Maddy meets Jace, the other owner of the company she works for (he's been on the other coast), at a bar and there are instant sparks. But neither one wants to pursue anything because of her job and his place in the company. Plus, he just got done with an ugly divorce and says he's not interested in anything permanent. He cheated on his ex-wife and is afraid he's destined to be like his father (serial cheater), so he wants nothing to do with commitment. But she's determined... and clingy. By the end of the story, he's seen a counselor (once) and is miraculously cured -- he decides he's just not gonna cheat anymore. So NOW he can be with her and they live happily ever after. It was just trite to me, but still kinda sweet.

Second story was a bit hotter, with the D/s elements. Andre's not a hard-core Dom... Britt's intrigued by the sub idea. He decided as soon as he saw her that she was his future. So he buys her house from her, remodels it, and then they're "reunited" when her mom sends her birthday present to her old house and he brings it to her. There was mention that he didn't want to scare her off by telling her he was loaded, but that never even came up, so that was weird to even be in there. And then he brings another woman -- a lesbian -- in to the scenario, and once Britt allows that to happen, he totally opens up and says they should be together forever? Again trite. I liked it up until that point. Not that I disliked it, but it just kind of sent the story in another direction or something and it seemed out of left field.

Third story, aggressive risk-taker Olivia decides to go with her friend to a bar they've never been to. The bartender tried to warn them, but Olivia is determined not to get chased out of a biker bar. And then all hell breaks loose, and they're both hit on the back of the head by something that knocks them out. They come to with paramedics tending to them. Ty happens to be Olivia's brother-in-law -- brother to her sister's husband. Said sister has been trying to play matchmaker with them for years apparently. Anyhoo... things happen, she hops into bed with him... and then spills her guts about where the relationship is going. Freaks Ty the heck out. She's so different from him, he doesn't see how they can meet in the middle. But then he goes on a call to an elderly couple. Yup, they're opposites, too -- could be Olivia and Ty in 50 years -- so Ty decides maybe he should give things with Olivia a chance. And they profess their commitment to each other.

In each of these stories, the commitment professing happens within about a week. You can be in lust within minutes. You might even think it can lead to love. BUT YOU DON'T SAY IT!! Duh. These were sweet, sexy stories, but just not *great*.