A Good Student - Elliot Mabeuse I have mixed feelings about this one. This was read as a group read, so I didn't pick it for myself. It was beautifully written. Lots of prose and inner dialogue. A lot of the imagery was unique, probably because it was erotica told from a man's point of view. (I'm thinking of Emma's orgasm being described as a snapping dog. Makes sense, but I've never thought of it that way.) It was really gritty and hot, but I didn't like the name-calling, even if Emma loved it. I think I'm mixed because I never got where this was going. He was obviously trying to teach her something deep, but I didn't get it. Maybe I'm not poetic enough. Maybe I skipped over some of the prose (I did). Apparently Emma finally got it, but I didn't. I'm also extremely surprised there was no anal. I don't know why. I kept expecting it to happen, lol. Maybe because he pushed her on everything else, why not anal?

There were a lot of really deep thoughts in this one. It was strangely arousing for me. I didn't want to be aroused, but I was. These were such foreign concepts for me. When I read a book that contains BDSM, it's usually very light, like maybe a little bit of spanking or bondage. Maybe some light flogging. No humiliation, no marks. So this was different for me in that respect. And it was oddly titillating. But the story barely kept my attention. I kept wanting to know where it was going, but it didn't compel me to keep reading, and it took longer than I would have liked to finish as a result. But at the same time, it was good. So I have very mixed-up feelings about this.