More Than a Mistress - Mary Balogh This was a nice regency romance. We start out with Tresham getting ready to duel with Lady Olivia's husband because Lady Olivia told him she'd been Tresham's mistress. Jane runs out from the side telling them to stop, and Tresham gets shot in the leg. Tresham could have killed Lady Olivia's husband, but instead fires into the air. But as a result of Jane's diversion in the duel, she is late to work and is fired, unless she can get a note from the Duke corroborating her story. So Jane goes to Dudley house to get it, but rather than getting a note, she gets a job as his nurse.

Tresham starts out the story as a very blustery, self-absorbed man. He was born an Earl and inherited his Duke title, so he's a product of a very privileged environment. Masculine traits have been hammered into him and what his father considered feminine traits hammered out. Jane is on the run from a cousin who wants to marry her off to his son just so he can get her inheritance. Unfortunately, said cousin's son was unconscious when Jane left, a result of an accident after she hit him over the head with a book after he improperly approached her. Her cousin is spreading the rumor that she killed his son after he interrupted her stealing from the estate.

Over time, Jane worms her way into Tresham's life. It wasn't on purpose. Even though she is supposed to be a servant for him (he doesn't know she's a Lady), she doesn't take guff from him, and he likes that she stands up to him. When it becomes clear her employment is almost done and she tells Tresham she needs to find new employment, he comes up with a weird solution: she'll be his mistress. I have no idea why she agreed to it. I mean, sure, they had chemistry, but she was a Lady! There had to be another option besides giving up her virginity to Tresham, making her soiled for any other man of her social status! Not that she minded, of course. They had a lovely week and a half until Tresham found out her secret. He was a bit hard on her for that. He could be such a bastard! At the same time, I believe it was an attempt to protect himself.

I was surprised with how it ended, but at the same time it was really sweet. I mean, I expected the end result, just not HOW it happened and how it came out. A really sweet story. I'll have to read more from this author when I'm in the mood for regency romance.