The Model Man - Nicole McCaffrey This was such a sweet romance. And Derek/Dante really was a great guy. Sure, maybe he was a dog earlier in his life, but there are few men with looks like his that wouldn't be. Now, he's grown up, and he's grown tired of the life he lives, or at least the life the press expects him to live. He's tired of women ogling and pawing at him. He's tired of the meaningless sex. And he's been intrigued by Kelly based on her picture in her books. Kelly has never attended a romance writers conference before because she's very shy and reserved, but her friend and critique partner talk her into going to this one. As soon as Derek and Kelly meet in person, Kelly becomes a ball of goo, lol. She's affected by him as much as the women who ogle him, but for some reason, he doesn't mind it from her. Plus, he's been affected by her as well. Meeting in person makes him all that much more intrigued, especially when she really doesn't want to spend any time with him.

Initially, she's a challenge that he thinks he can conquer and then just move on. But he slowly finds he doesn't want to move on. Yet she pushes him away. I wanted to smack her eventually, though I suppose I could understand her hesitation. Her ex-husband did a number on her self worth, so she doesn't see how she could possibly hold Derek's attention for more than a nanosecond. Rather than put her heart out there to get crushed, she makes Derek work hard for every little inch he gains. And she continues to push him away.

Derek really was the model man. He looked good, he took care of himself, and he genuinely cared for the people in his life. He wasn't the shallow womanizer the press made him out to be -- at least not anymore -- and he was so great with his family as well as Kelly's family. I loved how Kelly's son took so quickly to Derek and how much Derek enjoyed spending time with him. He stood up for Kelly time and again -- I loved how he decked her ex. I also loved how Derek purposefully called him Al instead of Alan. Just a subtle disrespect.

Ultimately it all worked out -- it IS a romance. I was glad of how it worked out in the end. I'd definitely read more from this author.