Tempting - Susan Mallery A great end to the series. Dani has been hurt in relationships many times before. First, by her ex-husband Hugh, her disabled college sweetheart who cheated on her before leaving her. Then, her rebound guy Ryan ended up being married. He knew about Hugh's betrayal, but thought nothing about his own to his wife and toddler or that Dani would have a problem with it. Then, she meets a sweet guy with whom she has no sexual spark. At the beginning of their first date, she finds out he's an ex-priest, and she takes it as a sign from God that she should give up on relationships.

Dani found out in one of the previous books that she was the product of an affair her mother had. Her grandmother has told her who her real father is, but it'll be difficult to approach him because he's a senator fleshing out his chances at winning the presidency. Dani tries anyway and meets Alex, the senator's adopted son. Initially, they clash, because Alex is trying to protect his family from a potential faker. Alex has his own history -- he caught his ex-wife Fiona with another man and promptly divorced her. He didn't tell anyone why, and Fiona is still hanging around with delusions they'll get back together despite Alex's firm 'hell no'. She doesn't really love Alex; she loves the idea of being the daughter-in-law to a president.

As Dani and Alex spend more time together, they realize the mutual attraction, and weird relations be damned (she's technically his sister, even though they weren't raised together and they have no shared blood), they act on it. They're really a sweet couple together. And ultimately they have their HEA, despite some heavy meddling by Fiona and Alex's mother/saint, Katherine. I never got a good feel from Mark, Dani's biological father. Everything was about the campaign, never about the people or what was best in the long run for the people. I loved Dani's acceptance of all of the Canfield children, given that virtually all of them were special needs. I got tired of Dani trying to run away, though I suppose if paparazzi were following me around, I'd probably want to run, too. I didn't like that she kept taking the blame for all of the upheaval. On the one hand, none of it would have happened if she hadn't tried to contact Mark, but it would have happened eventually if she wanted to have any relationship with him at all. It just so happened she was trying to do it while they were exploring his running for president. It probably would have been worse if he'd run and won.

Anyway, like I said, a great ending to the series. I'll say again that I don't know how the Buchanans grew up to be such great people having (a) grown up rich and (b) been brought up by the formerly-evil Gloria. All of them were so down to earth despite having lots of advantages, both financial and physical. I wonder if such people exist in real life.