Saved by One, Shared by Two - Sylvia Ryan Wow. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading this. The premise is very interesting: an electromagnetic pulse has been detonated in the area, making all electronics dead. Since most everything has some kind of electronic component, society as we know it is completely changed. And people don't know how to deal with it.

Julia and her brother John (in the National Guard) had discussed potential disaster scenarios. The pulse was one, so when it happened, Julia tried to make it to where John was stationed. She came across lots of stuff she never thought she'd see -- gangs of men roving the streets looking for anything they could steal or use. Society devolved into a kill-or-be-killed mentality. Julia had gone 50 miles from where she started (but much further since she was trying to avoid major roadways) before she just couldn't go any farther. Her body had given up, even if her mind hadn't. That's when Arden found her.

Arden picked her up, carried her to his home, and nursed her back to health. Once she was healthy again, it was difficult to avoid the spark between them. And then Ben, Arden's best friend, showed up, and sparks flew between Julia and Ben as well. She didn't know how to handle it. First, she'd been brought up to be independent. Second, she couldn't believe either of them could possibly love her, that they were just interested in their own gratification. Ultimately they proved her wrong. And lots of stuff happened in the meantime.

I liked how Julia wouldn't settle for less than what she felt she deserved. I liked how strong she was, that she garnered so much respect in her previous profession. I loved how caring and sweet Arden was, and how unrelenting and dominating Ben was. Yet Ben proved he could also be incredibly sweet and gentle. I've never been through a veritable apocalypse (duh, lol), but it seemed the things they were doing were both smart and realistic. Since Arden was in a rural area, it makes sense that he knew what was needed and how to do the stuff he was doing. And it seemed like Julia could do the things she did as well. And their relationships, while they grew very slowly, seemed as though they could easily happen in that kind of environment. And I loved that the last word in the story was "hope".

I really enjoyed the story and look forward to the next.