Hour of the Lion - Cherise Sinclair This was my first Cherise Sinclair. I don't think it will be my last. I've been a bit over paranormal recently, but this was a great story! I was so sad when Lachlan died at the very beginning, and we didn't even really know him. I think it was because of how brave he tried to be, and just the little bit of bonding he and Vic did before he died. He just seemed like such a great kid.

I loved how strong Vicki was. The solitary life she led was sort of sad, but it was necessary for her line of work. And I love how she was sort of eased into the whole werecat thing. It would have been nice if she'd been told sooner about the sharing thing, just so she could have been saved from quite a bit of guilt. And I wanted to smack her when she left after Cleavage and Ice Queen made their moves on her men. How could she possible give them up?? Or even Jamie? Her protectiveness over Jamie was awesome, too.

Calum and Alec were the perfect pair for her. First, they were strong enough to more or less control her. I don't mean her entire life -- just her impulses. Second, they complimented each other well and gave Vicki what she needed but in slightly different ways. Vicki's internal struggle to submit to Calum sort of cracked me up. She so didn't want to give in, but then again, she really did want to. She just wasn't used to anyone having the upper hand. And I loved all the werecat play... the guys rubbing their faces on Vicki in cat form and them all rolling around while playing. It reminded my of my kitties playing. :-)

Holy crap the villians were ruthless. I wanted to puke anytime Swane talked about women. And how selfish could Vidal be?

I liked the ending and how Wells was still a part of Vicki's life. This would be a great series starter. The author created a great world and I'd like to read more about it.