Sizzling - Susan Mallery I started out this series thinking Reid was a dog. His friendship with Penny, despite her divorce from his brother, showed he wasn't a TOTAL dog, and his help in Walker's book endeared him a bit more. But wow, he really is a great guy. I suppose I can see how what happened in his youth affected the man he became. Man, these Buchanan men sure do take their mistakes of their youth seriously!! It took someone who wasn't fazed by his fame or looks to give it to him straight, and when Lori did, amazing changes started occurring. Heck, Lori did amazing things with Gloria! I'm still not sure I completely trust Gloria at this point, but she sure appeared to make a 180!

While I got tired of Lori's inner dialogue that Reid couldn't possibly care for her or be interested in the long term or whatever, I could see where she was coming from. He was a gorgeous, notorious womanizer, part of a very wealthy family, had women (literally) throwing themselves at him. And she pictured herself as nothing. I'm glad Reid saw through the facade. And I totally saw Reid blaming himself for Madeline. My heart was breaking at that point. I'm so glad Reid didn't just give up. I mean he did for a bit, but Gloria kicked his butt, and he was big enough to go back, even if just to apologize.

Another great story in the series. Now let's see if we can get Dani married off. :-)