Princess Mine - Brindle Chase I've read a few of Brindle Chase's stories, and this one was different from the others. I think most of what I've read of his is contemporary, whereas this is paranormal. While this was a really sweet story of love between two people who shouldn't have been attracted to each other, much less in love, it wasn't great for me. I think a lot of it was the style of language used. It fit the story, being about elves and werelings, but it didn't evoke sensuality to me. I'm not sure if I'm conveying this well because I'm not sure how to verbalize it. There was lots of sex, and lots of sweet words between the two characters, it just wasn't super steamy to me. I loved that Briar wasn't willing to give Daeven up, even if it meant losing everything she knew. I loved that Daeven was trying to protect her from that. I also loved that even though a werewolf killed her mother, Briar didn't hold it against all werelings, as did her father. I do wish her father had come around, though.